Review on Slumdog Millionaire – 5 Stars!

January 12th, 2009

I Watched Slumdog Millionaire yesterday and do I have to say the movie is wonderful, No! Winner of 4 Golden Globe Awards, movie speaks for itself. It is based on the book Q and A written by Indian author and diplomat Vikas Swarup. Loveleen Tandan began as the film’s casting director and was later appointed by Boyle as a "co-director (India)".

Each and every character of the film from young kids to grown up adults have done justice to their roles. Best and talented actors of the movie are the young kids who played Salim, Jamal and Latika. They were superb and so real, little Salim and Jamal were mind blowing and gave me  goosebumps. I was just speechless and stunned with the scenes where little Jamal jumps into a puddle of shit to get an autograph from his favourite actor Amitabh Bachchan and where Salim saves his brother Jamal from a ruthless gangster.

Leading boy Dev Patel (19) as grown-up Jamal, I have no words for him, he was fantastic. Acting was to the point, neither too much nor too little. I have liked his acting since the days when he was doing “Skins”, he was 16 at that time. The only female actor dusky Frieda Pinto in the film is India’s Salma Hayek. Altogether the film is a must-must watch.

What surprise me most is that a foreigner “Danny Boyle” who knows nothing about the heat or lifestyle of slums in India had made such a real and truly Indian film. Where are our so called real or art style movie makers? Time to wakeup guys, we don’t need a foreigner to represent India or Indian cinema in International market.

I give 5 stars to the film! No words or synopsis can describe the film in true sense, you have to see the film to believe it. Films like Salaam Bombay and Slumdog Millionaire are made only once!

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