Ravi Kishan as Aghori Baba from Banaras

April 20th, 2010

Ravi Kishan will be exposing all, not that we are very excited about the news but he is doing something which no one would have the guts to do. He is playing the character very close to his soul, from his past life. Remember on “Raaz Pichhle Janam ka” he saw himself as a ‘Naga Sadhu’ which is similar to ‘Aghori baba’.

He will be going completely nude for the first time onscreen for the film titled Man From Banaras in which he plays an aghori. It is being produced by an American-based company Pun Films and directed by Sudhir Kadam.

The director said, "Aghoris are a cult and there is a myth that they posses supernatural powers. They are usually found in  crematoriums and so we will be shooting our film in Banaras’s crematoriums. Ravi agreed to shed all his inhibitions for the film and he is one actor who is ready to go that extra mile to look the part."

Ravi Kishan said, "I am from Banaras and I have seen several aghoris. They are mysterious and their way of life is quite intriguing. I play an aghori and that’s why I have to be naked in this film. But the film is basically a love story about a journalist, who comes from abroad to research on the aghoris, and how she is fascinated by me and gets perturbed because I am untraceable."

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  1. me ravi krishan ke fan ho ek bar ravi ji ko dekhna chati ho.


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