Ram Gopal Varma’s “God and Sex”

April 2nd, 2010

Ram Gopal Varma is making a real life film based on very fresh Sex scandal, Swami Nityanand sex scandal. Film is titled as “God and Sex”, now that is a one controversial title and interesting film subject.

Confirming the news, Ramu says:

"Yes. I am making God and Sex, which will be based on a recent Sex scandal. The idea occurred to me only a few days ago. However, I am definitely not making a biopic on Swami Nityanand."

Elaborating on his film, Ramu says, "God and Sex will explore, examine and expose everything that goes inside the ashrams of godmen. I am quite intrigued by the number of scandals that godmen get involved in."

And who does he plan to cast in this controversial subject? Ramu replies, "That’s a difficult question.
Let me complete the script and then I shall approach the actors for the various roles."

Interesting would be to see who will play Swami Nityanand character in the film? Let’s wait and watch!

Swami Nityanand Sex Scandal

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