Rakhi Sawant was rocking on Koffee with Karan

April 30th, 2007

“Most Controversial, Sensual and yet Emotional,” these were the words which Karan said for Rakhi Sawant. I was eagerly waiting for this episode, I am totally astonished the way Rakhi carried her self to the sofa, like a big actress and she was looking gorgeous with that halter neck blouse. She was real, bindaas and yes! She did made karan sweat (when she went to him, saying that he is her favourite director). When she was thanking Karan for inviting her on the show, you could see how genuine she was.
The great thing was Karan’s confession to Rakhi about how he use to make fun of her before and that how sorry he is today. At one point I think Rakhi and Karan were both on the verge of crying (both got emotional with Rakhi’s family background story). Rakhi is such a great entertainer that not for a second she made us felt that there is a need of another human being to share the sofa with her. She was able to pull the whole show on her own. Rahul and Carol were just lucky to be there (for 5 minutes).
She has given us some remarkable lines,
Her view on plastic surgery was “Joh bhagwan nahi deta woh doctor deta hai”.
On the kiss controversy and song made on it she said ““Puppie ki kamai kha raha hai woh (Mika)”


Keeping it simple and short, “Rakhi was real Coffee on Koffee with Karan”.
May God bless her.

Check out the Episode clip for youtube.com. To watch the entire episode go to Indya.com, it would cost you $1.99

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  1. i think u r great Rakhi fan , because only rakhi fan can use such words about her; that episode was boring where rakhi crying all the time & karan laughing at her all the time

  2. Well, in my opinion Rakhi Sawant was completely outclassed on the show. She may have all the guts in the world, but she has absolutely no polish. She actually thinks shes a heroine with those trashy C grade movies to her name? Come on! Get real! Looks good and can probably act too, but at the moment, she’s nothing but a starlet with a big mouth.

  3. Come on guys, she is not that bad. Yeah she doesn’t have the attitude like Mallika Sherawat and defiantly don’t have a good PR company behind her. Otherwise I don’t see any difference between Rakhi and Mallika Sherawat. Mallika dance in a hotel on New Year eve, so does Rakhi.

  4. well i agree with sheetal she is not that bad. i mean come on if u listen to her family story then it is realy sad but i think she is good. better than Mallika Sherawat any way who likes Mallika Sherawat ?

  5. […] nearly admitted on Koffee with Karan show but didn’t explicitly say “YES” for having a boob job (or Karan didn’t […]

  6. […] and famous one liners, like Kareena Kapoor referring to John Abraham as expressionless, Rakhi Sawant confessing that, “Jo cheesein God nahi deta, woh Doctor deta hai”, or Mallika Sherawat […]

  7. hey…I am glad…that you had the courage to write about her in your blog… 🙂 It is true Rakhi Sawant may have her own faults…she has big mouth..she has no class (blame her upbringing)…she does market herself shamelessly to gain publicity..but despite all that she is not all that bad..she can be disarmingly honest at times….and I finding people like Mika and Kashmeera disgusting who try to piggyride on publicity Rakhi garners.

  8. I hav my full support wid rakhi… atleast she is honest wid her words n action n she lets her talent speak for herself.. i really wish she n abhishek get to win this competetion…
    well there is a little forecast here (dnt take it soooo seriously.. its just my thinking dat i wanna share 😉 ). I guess the final competetion will be amongst the three jodis.. ie rakhi-abhishek, sanjeeda-aamir and kashmira-krishna
    all the best to rakhi n abhishek.
    cheers 🙂

  9. be happy rakhi,

    happy days will come 2 ur door steps without any frustrations. GOD BLESS YOU MY DEAR FAVOU.


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