Rakhi Sawant Swayamvar part 2

October 8th, 2010

Swayamvar season 3 will have Rakhi Sawant again…OMG!

After ruining Elesh Parunjanwala’s life totally, her so called swayamvar pati cum trophy, drama Queen Rakhi Sawant is all set to fight for the rights of needy ones and do justices, hope so… through “Rakhi Ka Insaaf” starting on 16th October, now that is not a news. Actually the news is Rakhi wants one more swayamvar and this time she is serious and promised to get married on TV, like Rahul Mahajan.

Rakhi is in talks with the NDTV imagine officials to start preparing for her ‘marriage’. “Rakhi Sawant is now asking the channel to zero-in on some rich and decent guys. She has asked them to verify each person in detail and also said that she will take personal interest in checking on all the prospective candidates, so nobody can blame the channel later on.

Apparently, there will be no limits in choosing a groom this time – Age, Money, Religion no bar, “jitna zyada utna aacha” demands Rakhi. It doesn’t matter to Rakhi how old her groom is only Money matters.

The actress has apparently asked the channel officials to inform all contestants about her past to avoid problems in the future. Rakhi says, “I want to again do my swayamvar because I want to get married. I want someone rich who can accept all my secrets. I have always been betrayed by people but now I do not want these things repeated. And I think I am going to get him this time because I believe God has made someone special for me. I want someone who loves me, and not my fame or money.”

Not my Fame and Money, but you said you want someone Rich and Famous. This is not Rakhi ka Insaaf, makeup your mind Rakhi!

By the way are we all prepared for Rakhi’s Swayamvar part 2 or should someone else get the chance? Names please…!

I think we have had enough of Rakhi Sawant.

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