Rakhi-Abhishek and Aamir-Sanjeeda in Finals

December 16th, 2007

I am very relieved with the entry of Rakhi-Abhishek in grand finale. Otherwise we all know anything is possible in these so called “reality” shows. Aamir and Sanjeeda, I knew will be through for finals. But there are two things about their entry in the finals, A: good to see the deserving couple for finals and B: not good for Rakhi-Abhishek, as they are not as popular as Aamir and Sanjeeda.

I want Rakhi and Abhishek to win the show, but I am also aware of the fact that people in India love and support TV characters and faces who they see every time they turn on their tele. Most recent example is Prachi Desai (Bani) winner of JDJ 2 (Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa). Anyway Rakhi and Abhishek’s weekend performance was just marvelous and unbelievable. Hats off to their choreographer Pratap Shetty, he is simply great and creative! Despite Rakhi’s wardrobe malfunction (her choli strings broke in the middle of dance), she still continued her performance and also got second chance to perform the whole act again. Abhishek’s one leg performance with Rakhi was mind blowing. Duo performed on song “Looie Shama Sha” from film Kranti.

I know I am all about Rakhi and Rakhi all the time, but come on she is so passionate for her dance, I am sure duo will give a marvelous and hatke performance on their final day. I want everybody to vote for the right person and not just the character they like. In short and clear words, VOTE FOR RAKHI AND ABHISHEK!

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  1. Aamir and Sanjeeda just rocks……….rakhi a poor crying baby….always try to get popular but ends up crying.she is true bhairi girl.what u r talking about passionate about dance
    she wear no clothes while live performances………i hate her to the core….
    i wish Aamir and Sanjeeda the very best of luck….they r true dancers..they never say a word abouts other like rakhi.
    made 4 each other…

  2. i want aamir n sanjeeda not uuuuuuuuuuuuu……..

  3. i hate u rakhi u r a bewakoof a big fool

    i dont like aamir n sanjeeda too.

    i like tina n hussain the best jodi
    i dont like the first nach winners.

  4. i like rakhi and rakhi tumharay sath theek nae hua geetnna tumhe chahiye tha waise kuch nae hota har geet to chalti he rahtie ha

  5. i luv u rakhi and abhishek. u guyz r soooo sexy. wish u all da best. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. i love very much to rakhi and abhishek.I want Rakhi and Abhishek to win the show.wish you all the best.


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