Raju Srivastav to leave Bigg Boss – Adhikari Brothers

October 22nd, 2009

First Kamal Khan’s unexpected ugly exit and now news is that Raju Srivastav has been sent a notice by Adhikari Brothers to quit Bigg Boss 3. If this is true than it’s a big blow to Bigg Boss, as it will be difficult for them to fill the scape left by Raju. He was getting quite famous among the audience.

Here’s the Adhikari side of Story:

Raju Srivastava had signed a contract with the soon-to-be launched entertainment channel MASTiii. The terms of the agreement require him to be present for the channel’s promotion for 10 days a month, with the channel deciding on which days he should be available.

Markand Adhikari, Vice Chairman and MD of Sri Adhikari Brothers that owns the channel Says:

Raju informed us that he was entering the reality show, Bigg Boss 3, two days before going in. Both of us had agreed to the terms that come into force from November 1 and are valid for three years. The contract was signed on July 29 and no one is allowed to break it without mutual consent.

About a week ago, the promoters sent notices to Colors, Endemol and other producer bodies. A separate notice has been sent to Srivastava’s house. There have been no replies to date from anyone concerned.

Adds Adhikari, “We are anticipating that Raju will not breach the contract but are working with our legal team on the nature of action we are liable to take if the terms are not honoured.”

The comedian has shot some promotional material for the channel.

Bigg Boss is in great trouble!

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  1. Raju’s exit from the show is really very sad. He was the jaan of the show.

  2. if raju shrivastava leaves the show….that’s the end of Bigg Boss….it can close shop and exit…..


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