Raja Chaudhary slapped Abhinav Kohli

October 18th, 2010

Raja Chaudhary did it again….maar-pitai! He never get enough of police station, keep going back!

Raja Chaudhary went to the Malad apartment of Shweta, broke open the door and abused Shweta’s mother Nirmala Tiwari. He went to the apartment on the pretext of meeting his daughter Palak.

Shweta’s boyfriend Abhinav Kohli rushed to the spot after receiving a call from her mother and accompanied her to the police station to lodge a complaint. On reaching police station, Kohli was slapped by furious Chaudhary in front of the policemen.

Chaudhary married Shweta Tiwari in 1998 and they were together till 2007. They have been living separately since and have filed for divorce in a court. The house at Malad was owned by Choudhary but he was barred from entering it by the court. Chaudhary has also levelled allegations against Tiwari and Kohli stating that they had thrashed him, injuring him on his back, police said adding that they had also taken note of Chaudhary’s allegations.

Video of Raja slapping Abhinav Kohli

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