Raja Chaudhary as Neeraj Grover in Love affair

August 13th, 2010

Can you believe this? Raja Chaudhary, nautanki pati of Shweta Tiwari is doing a full-fledged film on his own and that to doing a lead role.

Film is based on a real life controversial murder mystery of Neeraj Grover. The movie, titled ‘Love affair’, is being produced by Shareef A Zaveri.

The characters of Maria Monica Susairaj and Jerome Mathew, suspect of murder will be played by actors Moushmi Suvarna and Dheeraj Dhanoa, respectively.

“The movie will end when I get killed. That’s the climax,” says Raja.

Producer Zaveri obviously have to have that as an ending to his film because the case is still sub judice.

Neeraj Grover, 26, a creative head of Synergy Adlabs, was allegedly murdered by Kannada film actress Maria Susairaj and her boyfriend Lieutenant Emile Jerome on May 7 2008. Maria, while claiming to be engaged to Emile Jerome was also dating Neeraj Grover. Both accused allegedly hacked Neeraj’s body into bits, transported it to the jungles of Manor and set it on fire.

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