Priyanka’s answer to Kareena on Koffee with Karan 3

December 8th, 2010

I love cat fights…! Specially when the cats are 2 top Bollywood divas and are looked upon not only as a style icon but also a trend setter. Loved Karan Johar for bringing that ‘ready to attack’ cat out of them. Thank God, all that Deepika, Sonam and Ranbir controversy is taken over by Kareena and Priyanka’s tu-tu mein-mein.

Remember Kareena’s answer to Karan’s one questions was , "I wonder where Priyanka got her accent from?" she also declared herself as No.1 actress and gave Prinyaka 2nd place, very cunningly.

Now here’s the answer to all that nasty questions of Kareena Kapoor, who was acting very smart that night:

Priyanka who has shot for KWK shortly with none other than Shahid Kapoor, had people at the shoot in splits when she said, "I want to tell Kareena that I got my accent from the same place where her boyfriend ( Saif Ali Khan) got his." PC reminded the show host that she, too, had studied overseas and therefore had access to an accent just like so many others in Bollywood.

Having been given the opportunity (which Karan usually gives to all his guest, to add masala to his chat show) to take a dig at Bebo, Piggy Chops wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass with just one direct hit. PC made it known to the host that people in the industry didn’t take Kareena too seriously. "I’m flattered that Kareena thinks I am a good actress," she is said to have remarked. "But otherwise I don’t think people take Bebo too seriously," is what PC reportedly said.

And she hit one final nail when she was asked what she would steal from computers of Bollywood superstars like Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid, Kareena and others. Known for her smart replies, PC giggled, "Does Kareena have a computer in the first place?"

Aaoch…now that really would have hurt Kareena!

Video of Kareena asking Priyanka about her accent

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