Premiere of Dev D “Sex and Condoms”

February 5th, 2009

Scratched my head twice and took some time to believe what I was reading. Anurag Kashyap distributing free condoms with his premiere passes for “Dev D” to all his invitees! What a publicity, ek dum original! No copy of Hollywood or shollywood. But why? According to news the film has already gain good amount of publicity with its song “emotional attyachar” and I am sure film will do well at box office, like me there are many people who love Abhay Deol and his work. Till date I don’t remember any of his film had maaus me. He is a winner!

Well, but with a tag line like “Come fall in lust” Anurag didn’t want to take any chances and surely didn’t wanted anything unsafe happening in the theatre, so he is taking precautions by supplying condoms. Just kidding!

Abhay Deol plays the contemporary Devdas in the movie.

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  1. bhahaa! Awesome. ‘Dont have un-safe sex in the theatre!” Condom superhero reps are handing out condoms at my university (Boston U) right now, too, and pushing which I uploaded my face too. Guess its that time of year to get those condoms out there (Valentines day). I like your blog.


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