Preity Zinta and Bobby Deol on Koffee with Karan

June 11th, 2007

Preity was hilarious on Koffee with Karan. I probably never laughed this much on any of the KWK episodes till now. She is truly a gem of a person….lucky Ness Wadia! Her expressions and the way she express herself is wonderful. Lager than life character we can call her. She’s so good with her “aa, tu, ta, dishum” stuff that it makes you laugh and laugh. She was looking gorgeous no doubt, but she has put on weight………close-up of her face was showing chubby chicks, “Pyarr ka kamal” may be.

Memorable moments. when I went Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa…..that’s how I usually love to laugh.

Karan: Great! So? so much work happening no time for love?
Preity: (Laughing) Accha! (her style of saying accha was lovely & naughty)

Karan: Yeh Pritam Singh ka origin bata dena mujhe.
Preity: Bobby, please don’t destroy me. Please I beg you!
Bobby: Well, she’s like a guy? Eh? Like a buddy!

Karan: He’s such a good boy na? My whole perception of him is that Bobby is a good boy. I’ve known Bobby very well personally, but I thought thoda-bahut research to kar lu? you know I have a talk show today? But no rumor, no scandal, no problem, no controversy, no nothing ya Bobby. You are too good that way!
Preity: He’s quite a good boy that way, but quite a psycho also ‘coz I got very sick on Soldier once and I was throwing up and we had a separate car as actors so we reached New Zealand first. The crew was coming with the bags and I was like… like you know when you have a friend and you can talk to a person at that time I told bobby I’m feeling very sick can I please come and sit in your room? And he said, ‘No we cannot sit in my room people will think we are having an affair. So he made me sit in the lobby!

Sarpanch ke Bete ki” story was also very good, when she was prank by the whole unit of Solider. A man was made to run with a knife after her, and poor priety was running for her life.

Top on the funny list was when in Rapid fire round bobby was asked about his opinion on wax statue of Preity in Madame Tussaud, he said it will be one of its kind…..first talking wax statue. Preity jumped in the conversation demonstrating the satute….. everytime somebody comes…statue will go “Aa” somebody goes “Bye” somebody take a photo “pay”.

Over all the show was a kind of rolly-polly for me. I was laughing very loud, after long time. Thanks to Preity for giving us such a wonderful show. Bobby was quite and funny sometimes. Hamper was won by Bobby Deol.

Have I missed anything? please remind me if I have.

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