Pratyusha’s ex-boyfriend Makrand enter the Bigg Boss 7

September 24th, 2013

If everything goes well and planned Pratyusha will be having her so called ex-boyfriend with her in Hell. Business man Makrand Malhotra will join her soon. Now does that remind of anything…yes, it reminds us of Sara Khan and her bf Ali Merchant’s hush-hush wedding on Bigg Boss 4, and then a very nasty public fallout. Also Sara Khan and Pratyusha are best buddies….so we know where is it all coming from.

Now let’s see what will happen to Pratyusha and her ex? As we all know that she had lodged a complaint with the police against her former beau for allegedly harassing her and her family. Now there’s a twist to the all this drama. Some are saying all this going to the police was just a publicity gimmick, a tried and tested way to gain publicity for Salman’s reality show.

Well we don’t know the fact, we only believe our eyes and eyes are on Bigg Boss 7, so when Markand enter the house we’ll see for itself. If they are faking or real, how long will they stay away from each other?

Will he flirt with other hot girls in Hell???

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