Performances and Awards of 55th FilmFare night

March 9th, 2010

Filmfare Awards night on March 7th was electrifyingly unforgettable event. Everything was just impeccably on time and in place, be it fantastic performances, cracking PJs, breaking eggs, insulting each-other or up-roaring laughter’s from the audiences. Night was  full of entertainment with two superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan playing hosts and all the others in attendance.

Check the Winners of the night!

Life time achievement award – It was very emotional to see my heartthrob Shashi Kapoor after a very long time and that to on a wheel chair. Still remember his sexy million dollar smile and dance moves and his dimples. Shashi Kapoor was awarded with Life time achievement award. Music Composer Khayyam also received the Life time achievement award.

Let’s start with flattering the hosts who did wonderful job on stage. Their Pjs, auctions of things from the hits of the year and insulting their own fraternity than not minding getting insult in return was commendable. Everything is scripted, but still to bring it live on stage is great. They both looked great and smart. Best was when both had to go through filmigration’s X-ray scanner and the secret was out SRK was wearing sexy lingerie under his suit and Saif was in really a Chote Nawab with his “thing” – don’t take it seriously! Neil Nitin Mukesh had the privilege to break eggs on SRK and Saif’s back…literally!

All our gorgeous actresses looked very sexy and sober in gowns and sarees. Actually, long gowns dominated the starry night. Some chose to look different, Vidya Balan made a unique fashion statement in a yellow-orange embroidered sari and rudraksh jewellery. She looked stunning but could have done better, next time hopefully we get to see her in something that make her look younger.

Amrita Rao looked beautiful in mango colour gown and carried herself very elegantly. Bengali babe Bipasha looked hot in her black sexy gown. Sherlyn Chopra also wore black gown and was looking stunning, but her nose was looking funny – may be a surgery gone kaput! 

Performances of the night – The best performance was the last performance by my favourite Salman Khan, he dance on his old super hit songs. His entry was a surprise one, he was not present in the audience so I thought he is not attending and then there he was dancing jhakas. He has that charisma around him which illuminates you whenever you look at him. Second best performance was Kareena’s, she looked and danced fabulously. Third was Katrina Kaif, she was also very good and looked stunning in black outfit. Deepika Padukone also performed on her movie songs.

Shahid kapur’s tribute to Michael Jackson was the best, he was just mind-blowing and bang on.

Over all, the night was spectacular and unforgettable.

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