Parul Chauhan dating Yashdeep Nain?

February 19th, 2010

Is she really? Praul Chauhan doesn’t need any introduction, Ragini bahu from Bidaai. Yashdeep also don’t need any introduction, he is the famous mummy boy from Perfect Bride who was most hated contender of the show by all most each and every girl of the country. We all have witnessed how he and his mom snubbed Gurpreet on the show. After all this drama on national TV, still he has managed to get a girl from the tele-world and she is none other than bahu Parul. Gosh, still can’t believe Parul is dating Yashdeep and that his mother is Ok with it, as it he must have taken permission from his mom to date Parul. Well, all the very best to Parul, let’s see how long she can keep Yashdeep’s mom happy, because it’s all about mummy dear!

Well, Gurpreet is also not alone she has got someone better and loveable in her life. Harshit Saxena from Music ka Kaha Muqabla is the one Gurpreet Kaur is  dating. We all saw the host of Music ka Kaha Muqabla calling Gurpreet Kaur as Harshit Saxena’s girlfriend. Harshit Saxena Voice of India season 1 runner up lost his heart to the girl when he was called to perform on one gala episode on Lux Perfect Bride.

Video of Gurpreet and Harshit together

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  1. i love gurpreet and harshit jodi.. bless them both. i hope they both get married. i dont wanna say anthing abt yash as i dnt like him.. but good wishes to him aswell.

  2. hey yashdeep u r really a indian son because u respect ur parents. best of luck for ur all wishes…….

  3. Yash’s mom was right to reject gurpreet as everything could not be disclosed on national tv but everybody knew Gurpreet is a big DRUNK and spoiled girl.

  4. parul & yashdeep funny couple of indian t.v.u know ek dum sampal piece.parul ko yashdeep hi funny.ha ha ha ha

  5. yashdeep ko parul hi milni thi u bastard yash u have not done gud by rejecting gurpreet. parul is also gud- looking bt nt as much pretty as gurpreet. o

  6. i just hate this couple( parul yashdeep)such a stupid couple gande bhangaar couple parul namuna kam tha kya jo yashdeep bhi aa gaya stupid idiots

  7. parul ap bahut lcy ho yar apko itna achcha boy frnd mila…….I WISH U ALL THE VERY BEST


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