Om Shanti Om – Remake of Madhumati and Karz

December 8th, 2007

I saw Om Shanti OM yesterday, yeah, a month later because I am not a bachelor and have loads of other things to do….bit jealous of single community. I did go for Saawariya within the week of its release, just to check on the newcomer jodi and to see the first Bollywood bum on screen.

Ok! Coming back to OSO, as everybody knows that the film is re-birth saga based on our olden golden film of Rishi Kapoor’s Karz. But! Here’s a twist, the film is not only based on Kraz, it’s also a copy of our B&W movie Madhumati. So basically Farah Khan very cleverly had tried her best to make everybody fool. For the people who have seen Madhumati will know exactly what I am talking about, as soon the movie reached the  part where Shahrukh Khan starts plotting to trap Arjun Rampal to convince his gunhaa, I knew the climax will be like the one in Madhumati. And there it was boom! I remembered the goose bumps I had got while watching Dilip kumar and Vyjayanthimala starred Madhumati.

Overall OSO was not that bad with all the typical fimli masala in it. And we are used to such masala film, that’s the reason why films like Saawariya went over the heads of nearly 90% of the people. Only 10% of the people liked Saawariya, I am one of them.

The best part in OSO was the star studded song, my fav Rekha and Jeetu. The other best thing in the film was awards night, a nice tight kick on Abhishek’s butt. Can’t believe how Abhishek got ready to make fool out of him, that to for Shahrukh Khan!

Film is in all means a paisa vasool . Got to see young and fit Shahrukh Khan after long time, even in Don he was looking little Buddha. I will not write the synopsis for the film, as I believe by this time everybody had seen the film. But for the people who have not yet seen like me, should see it once. Yeah, before doing that please watch Madhumati first!

Star Cast:
Shahrukh Khan: Best
Shreyas Talpade: waste of talent
Arjun Rampal: Good
Kiron Kher: Superb
Deepika Padukone: who is she? Anybody could have been in her place.

Best song – Om Shanti Om and Ajab si.

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  1. Madhumait is my dad’s fav. he said exactly the same thing what u have wriiten in ur article. I guess i have to watch the Madumati as well. not a big fan of B&W movis though!

  2. you are right sheetal, who is Deepika and why so much of hype created for her, she did nothing special in the film and also looks like a typical south indian actor.
    Infact Sonam kapoor in Saawariya was the best, atleast she got chance to act and show her talent. what deepiak did? nothing more than waving her hand.

  3. i just saw it recently,the climax is copied out on out from madhumati.


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