Nicky quits!! – Big Brother UK

June 13th, 2007


Just now I heard Missy D, Radio presenter of Clubasia (UK) revealing – Nicky quits.


Channel 4 story so far


Something’s gotta give when you’re down to basic rations…

This week’s shopping budget is a paltry £100 and with the purse strings pulled so tight, Nicky has decided to quit. Smoking, that is.
Housemates knew they were in store for a modest shopping budget but with the available cash working out at just over £8 each for the whole week, it’s time to cut out the non-essentials.
“I’m gonna give up,” vowed Nicky. “If I can stick it out here, feeling the way I do at the moment, I can give up smoking.
“Give up Nicky,” Ziggy urged upon hearing her plan.

“This place is far too stressful for me to give up,” Charley decided.
“Charley, you’re not ready to give up,” decided Nicky. “I want to actually give up. It’s going to be difficult for me. Every time I want a cigarette I’m gonna have to think of something else to do.”

“If you think you can give up then give it a go,” encouraged Ziggy. “Even if it’s just in here. Giving up is not looked at as a bad thing. It’s quite a good thing.”
“I can’t put on weight because there’s no food in the House,” reasoned Nicky. And who could argue with that?
“It’s down to the crunch now,” Nicky decided. “It’s food or cigarettes.”

Nicky quits !!! But Cigarettes.

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