Nayar Family and Big drama….

April 10th, 2007

I was shocked to read this article about father and son wrestling, who is this Arun Nayar? I guess nobody knows who he is and why Indian media started to give him such a big exposure,
Let me guess I think only because he was having an affair with British actress Elizabeth Hurley and now he is married to her. BUt why throw your father out of your wedding? He is really a big NRI.

And now the father Vinod Nayar has disowned his son Arun Nayar, an NRI businessman, saying the couple humiliated him and his relatives at their much-talked about wedding last month.
It has now emerged that an unseemly wrestling match broke out in the middle of the sacred Hindu ceremony to the astonishment of the 200 guests and Vinod Nayar was ejected from his own son Arun’s wedding, The Mail tabloid reported on Sunday.
The couple had sold exclusive rights to Hello! magazine for a cool two million pounds. This is what vinod Nayar has to say,”My wife and I were publicly humiliated and treated like social outcasts for the sake of a two million pounds magazine deal. We were pushed into the background like poor relations,” 66-year-old Vinod said.
“I have totally disowned them (his sons). I want nothing more to do with them or their wives…,” he said
But the real target of his anger, the person he blames for this shameful turn of events, is none other than Hurley. And it is the result, he said, of her obsessive appetite for lucrative publicity.
“I believe it was expressly done on Elizabeth’s orders,” he said adding, the couple was openly reluctant to invite Nayar’s Indian family. “May be they didn’t really want my side of the family there. They didn’t even have the manners to invite my 87-year-old mother.
“It was important for her (Hurley) to get celebrity faces there. That’s what the Hello! deal was about. She was fulfilling her contractual obligation,” Vinod said.
Vinod was married to Arun’s mother German-born Gunhild Hapke for over 20 years but they divorced in 1996.

So what do you think about this?

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