Nach Baliye 6 – Week 8 29th Sunday performances

December 30th, 2013

The second performances of Week 8 on Sunday, started with dazzling Shilpa in western saree.  Sajid and Terrence looked dashing as well.

I must say Sajid is very straight, spot on and true with his comments. He never give a single word of fake appreciation or sweetly coated words to the jodis. He is always genuine and honest to his marks, that is why sometime we see a big difference between his and other judges scores.

Sunday saw Jodis challenging each other to do different dance forms.

Jodis are giving two performances from this week. Check the total score of all the jodis here

29th Sunday performances

Kanika – Ankur challenged Kiku – Priyanka to do Hip-Hop dance form. Kiku and Priyanka took the challenge and performed on song “dhan tan tan” from movie Kaminey. It was a very energetic act, both performed with full excitement and hard work. They also looked very tired half the way in performance. They got good comments and appreciation from judges and total 27 marks.
Marks – Shilpa – 9 Sajid – 9 Terence – 9 Total – 27/33.

Rithvik – Asha challenged Gurmeet – Debina to amalgamate two international dance forms in their performance.Gurmeet and Debina performed on song “batmeez dil”. Their act was very beautiful, smooth and flawless. Their expressions and the way they incorporated two styles – Jive and Quick Step form, was speechless. Their costumes were also plus point for them. Both looked good and perfect. They got standing ovations from everybody.
Marks – Shilpa – 11 Sajid – 11 Terence – 11 Total – 33/33.

Bruna and Omar challenged Ripu – Shivangi to dance on Jazz as they have done mostly romantic acts. Ripu and Shivangi picked song “behka mei behka”. They both looked very good, especially Ripu, he looked like a superstar. His style and body language was too good. They started well, but somewhere in the middle of the act they lost the plot and mess everything.
Marks – Shilpa – 9 Sajid – 6 Terence – 9 Total – 24/33.

Kiku-Priyanka challenged Ankur-Kanika to dance on Bollywood style with full on latkaas and matkaas. Kanika and Ankur dance on song “sheher Ki Ladki”. The act was hijack by Ankur. He was in full mood with his tapori style and expressions.
Marks – Shilpa – 8 Sajid – 8 Terence – 7 Total – 23/33.

Gurmeet and Debina challenged Rithvik and Asha to dance any form which they have not danced yet. Ritwik and Asha performed on “Ae Dil sambhal ja zara”. They did an aerial act with chandelier. The act was very beautiful – costumes, moves, expressions, and lifts were great and perfect.
Marks – Shilpa – 11 Sajid – 11 Terence – 10 Total – 32/33.

Vinod and Raksha challenged RaQesh and Riddhi to dance on purulia chau which is an indian form of dance. RaQesh and Riddhi performed on “Omkara”. They were full dressed in traditional chau costumes with mask. As the face was covered with mask the whole attention was on hands and legs movements. It is a difficult dance form, and they tried hard to do the justice, but couldn’t match the expectation of judges and audience.
Marks – Shilpa – 7 Sajid – 6 Terence – 8 Total – 21/33.

Rakesh and Riddhi challenged Vinod and Raksha to dance on Ballroom Style paso doble. Vinod and Raksha picked the “Raanjha Raanjha kar di” song. Vinod and Raksha was full of attitude and aggression. The dance was OK. I agree with Terrance that Raksha should have danced on her knees to match up Vinod’s height. Let’s see if they do it in coming weeks.
Marks – Shilpa – 8 Sajid – 8 Terence – 8 Total – 24/33.

Ripu and Shivangi challenged Bruna and Omar to dance on Maharastrian Dance form Laavni.Bruna and Omar picked the title track of “Dhooom” . Bruna and Omar both were dressed as Laavni bai. It was more like a rubbish funny act rather than Laavni dance. Once again they were criticized by judges for not giving 100%. Sajid was blunt on face with his comments that it was very bad act.
Marks – Shilpa – 7 Sajid – 6 Terence – 8 Total – 21/33.

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