Nach Baliye 3 – Rakhi & Abhishek Rocks!

December 10th, 2007

Nach Baliye this year is all about Rakhi and Abhishek, they are really working very hard and luck is with them in form of their choreographer Pratap Shetty. Be it a solo round or bachpan round, Rakhi and Abhishek are the Best. They both performed superb in solo round and on Saturday with bachpan theme, they both just gave me goose bumps with their very emotional and touchy performance.

Friday was solo performance night and what a night it was, completely taken over by Abhishek and Rakhi’s performance. Abhishek performed on song jaan mein dum and it was a dumdaar performance. He scored complete 30 points. Then it was Rakhi who performed on classic salaam-e-ishq, she was looking gorgeous in yellow and was a stunner with her jhatkas and matkaas. She also scored full 30 points for her fantastic performance. Their choreographer Pratap Shetty was once again awarded with the stars for weekend.

Second best solo performance was Karan’s on song tadap tadap ke. He was just outstanding. He scored 29 points.

Saturday night was bachpan round and Rakhi-Abhishek again was the winner of the night performing on lakdi ki khati. Their concept, dance and looks everything was just superb and mind blowing. They both scored 30 out of 30. They also got some very beautiful words from judges and balloons from Isha.

I think Karan-Amita and Rakhi-Abhishek should be in the finals. Let’s see what happens next? Kash-Krush has no chance for the finals, it’s gonna be either Aamir-Sanjeeda or Karan-Amita against Rakhi.

Rakhi babe you rock!

Score Card of Nach Baliye 3.

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  1. Rakhi is fabulous and Abhisek is superb, made for each other. may god bless her and help her to win

  2. rakhi & abhishek u are best & u are my winners.i know that u are being cheated. aamir & sanjeeda dont know to dance at all.par koi baat nahi bhikari ko award de diya.


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