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December 8th, 2010

Wife of Sanjay Dutt, Mrs Manyata Dutt loves to be in front of cameras and like to be talk of the town. So what if it is done in a very tacky way. All that drama of posing in front of cameras in that tacky yellow short dress, shabby hair, very very tacky glasses and tacky shoes while picking up her “gift” Rolls Royce from the showroom. She looked a walking-talking example of tackiness.

Not that she looked tacky because of that yellow dress, to me she looks tacky even in a simple cotton sari. It’s something about her looks, her face and the way she talks and acts. But we love you Sanju baba.

Sharing with all my readers, which is truth and only truth that Mumbai Mirror wrote about her:

When Sanjay Dutt gifted his wife Manyata a Rolls Royce earlier this week, all the world was there to hoot for the couple. Manyata, visibly a new mom of twins, her white and yellow dress stretched over her post-pregnancy belly made a striking picture – the picture of a woman caught in the middle of transformation. Gone was the shapeless salwar kameez and in its place a cool dress, appropriate shoes, bag and sun glasses. The hair – loose and wavy – continues to hark back in time, although it will be just a while until the lady seeks out a suitable hairdresser.

Manyata Dutt is evolving, even as she has affected much change in her husband Sanjay Dutt’s life. There is reason why much noise was made about Mrs Dutt’s new gift. “Manyata publicity ke liye kuch bhi karegi,” says an insider. “It was her idea that the media be called and that Sanjay should speak about the new swanky car.

So Sanjay cooked up a tale that the car was a post-delivery gift to Manyata.” Fact is, the actor has been dying to buy a Rolls Royce for the last eight years. He is very fond of fast cars. He is known to have gone into depression when Vidhu Vinod Chopra gifted a Phantom to Amitabh Bachchan, after the release of Eklavya. A few months ago he was heard lamenting to friends that he deserved the Phantom, given that the filmmaker had two super hits in Munnabhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai from him.

An automobile aficionado, he got into trouble with the Pali Hill Residents Association a while ago when he would speed his Ferrari in the middle of the night.

“Think about this. Does Shah Rukh Khan inform the media when he buys a BMW for Gauri?” says the insider.

People close to Sanjay are astounded by the spell that Manyata has cast on her husband. Gone are the days when the man used to be nattily dressed, they observe. Today his not-so-impressive outfits are all chosen by her. Directors have to meet Manyata to finalise his wardrobe. He is like a toy and she is the remote control.

Under the arc light

Sanjay’s publicity campaign in the January 2009 Lok Sabha elections was designed by Manyata. That Sanjay was forced to withdraw his candidacy in March 2009 after the Supreme Court refused to suspend his conviction is another story. “Lekin ticket mil jati, toh pata nahi Manyata aur kya kya karti. On the one hand she aspires to be part of the first wives’ club, a sort of Mana Shetty and Gauri Khan rolled into one, on the other, she desires to be a top politician’s wife, if not a politician herself,” says a source.

Manyata wanted to contest on the SJP ticket herself, and when Amar Singh allegedly objected to this, she flew away to Dubai in a huff. She sulked for a long time, but we knew she would return, as this is where she will realise all her aspirations. Her quest now is to become the newest yummy mummy of show town. She frequents branded apparel stores and seeks out the services of top couturiers. She has a penchant for jewellery, and is seen at leading jewellery stores running up astronomical bills.

The CEO of Sanjay Dutt Productions, Dharam Oberoi, is always at her beck and call. He is often seen carting catalogues of apparels and designer collections for the lady on the sets. She points to a few pictures and orders are placed swiftly.

Early days

It’s a long journey from her early days when she used to struggle to make ends meet. It’s believed she came into Sanjay’s life, clad in a simple saree, when producer Nitin Manmohan introduced them. She secretly started visiting his house, even when he was dating Nadia Durrani. Every time Nadia was out of town, Manyata would stay over. She implemented the adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, taking over his kitchen.
Sanjay didn’t know what to do: on the one hand, he had Nadia who used to take away his credit card and go away shopping, on the other he had Manyata who never even asked him if he had a credit card but was in fact busy feeding him his favourite cuisine. (Today, of course she is much loved by watch and jewellery stores.) Manyata’s quiet persistence was rewarded and Nadia walked out of Sanjay’s life.

Manyata’s (earlier Dilnawaz Shaikh) past is ambiguous. For one, she was once quoted saying that Sanjay’s daughter Trishala and she are like sisters as they are separated only by six years. Trishala is 22, Manyata 36. Until she married Sanjay, she was known for two bit roles in B-grade movies. She also dodged controversies related to an alleged earlier marriage that made her public marriage to the actor illegal. She was born in Mumbai as Dilnawaz and spent most of her life in Dubai, and when her family moved back to the city, the lure of showbiz drew her to Bollywood.

As a struggling starlet she appeared in a C-grade film, Lovers Like Us, the rights of which were reportedly recently bought by Sanjay Dutt for Rs 20 lakh and the videos pulled off the shelf. Her first major break was a rather raunchy but tacky item number in Prakash Jha’s Gangajal in 2003. Those days she lived in a dingy flat on Yari Road.

Yari Road to Pali Hill

When she met Sanjay, she knew she had to graduate from Yari Road to Pali Hill. Today she is very possessive of Imperial Heights and dreams of owning it. What irks her the most is sister-in-law Priya’s presence in the adjacent flat. Priya moved in here after her father passed away. Manyata wanted the flat for herself and her family.

The patch-up with Priya Dutt is make-believe. “Much water has flown under the bridge. Even the patch-up was a PR exercise. In fact, Priya recently told her friends in New York that she doesn’t know much about what’s happening in her brother’s life,” we are told. Ditto with older sister Namrata. When Manyata assumed the role of the lady of the manor she first decided to change the swank interiors of the house (the design used to be the talk of the town those days) and painted all the walls pink with garish curtains draped all around.

Namrata walked into the apartment one day and at the ghastly sight, exclaimed ‘Oh God! What has she done to my brother’s house?’ Her eyes were ready to pop. It was a scene worthy of being photographed. That was only the beginning. She shut out every one who was close to Sanjay, which included his old friend and brother-in-law Kumar Gaurav who used to carry food for him when he was jailed in 1993. Knocking over Suniel Shetty and Sanjay Gupta was easier. Next to go was Sanjay’s trusted secretary Kalim who controlled Sanjay’s cars, money and dates. Rather than be disrespected, Kalim opted out.

Today, she not only controls Sanjay’s day-to-day affairs but rumour has it that Sanjay gives a part of his acting fee of every assignment to her.

Alone in a crowd

Although she is now married to a superstar, Manyata does not have any friends among the star wives. She is not welcomed in the inner circle. They just put up a smiling face and greet her at parties. But that’s where it all ends. Her only two real friends in the film industry are Amisha Patel and Sophie Chaudhary.

Neha Oberoi, Dharam Oberoi’s daughter, tags along with her at her father’s behest. “Dharam wants Manyata to have some company. Hence, he orders Neha to spend a lot of time with her.” Being the CEO of Sanjay Dutt Productions is no easy task, for sure.

A few months ago her husband had thundered “there’s only one Mr and Mrs Dutt on Pali Hill and it’s me and Manyata”. The honorific might be misplaced. For we know that the one who wore the trendy dress to drive home a new car also wears the pants at home.

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  1. I was in shock when Sanjay dutt married her and broke all relation with his sisters. but the big jhataka was when I heard the names of his kids. Ikra and Shahraan, why?
    Did Nargis Dutt called Sanjay, Shahraan? No because she accepted Sunil dutt with heart and soul. Wonder how Dutt sisters must be feeling.
    I am very hurt…!

  2. Sanjay says that Mana wanted Persian names for babies. Yeah why not we Hindu culture don’t have the names meaning for learned and royal warrior.
    Just to remind Sanjay Dutt, Saraswati is the goddess of studies and Sahil means Leader or Ruler. But no Hindu names are not “in” i guess.

  3. such a hype over such a small thing……..just a little baby not a terrorist to be hidden…it will receive blessings and praise from people……why people becoming so mean these days…..ameesha has done it just out of luv…so mean sanjay and manyata.may they had the idea of selling the pics!!


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