Mandakini makes a come back to Bollywood as a Director

January 27th, 2010

Actress Mandakini who gained fame with film “Ram Teri Ganga Maili” and later on for having an affair with underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim is trying her luck to enter bollywood.

The former actress is now ready to co-direct an English film with her husband, Dr. Kagyur Rinpoche. Incidentally, Rinpoche, who was earlier a close associate of the Dalai Lama, was a monk for a major part of his life before he got married to Mandakini. The film titled “The Lost Country” is based on the current issues between China and Tibet. While the casting is still not finalised the couple has spoken to Hollywood superstar Richard Gere to star in it.

Confirming the news, Dr. Kagyur Rinpoche said

Yes, we are directing the film. My wife Mandakini has worked extensively in Bollywood and done 40-odd films so she has loads of experience which helped us put this project together. We have been working on the film for two years now and will start shooting as soon as we get the dates of all the actors. We have spoken to a couple of actors in Mumbai and Korea for our film. We will also have some Hollywood actors including Richard Gere, who loved the subject when we met him at Bodhgaya, Patna a few months ago. He is currently going through the final draft and we are waiting for his dates to be confirmed. Officials from the Tibetan Government have also heard the subject and are with us. The Dalai Lama too has given me his blessings and support for the film.

Apart from being made in English, The Lost Country will also be dubbed in Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Japanese. The film is written by Salim Bijnoi and Aryan Singh.

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  1. All the very best to Mandakini…she really need to come out and face the she never did any wrong, and if she did than the bollywood industry is full of these kinds of mistakes. Ashwariya is big example! but still every body is happy and living with head held high in the society. so y not Mandakini?


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