Mallika Sherawat in Politics of Love

July 29th, 2010

Our sensuous, seductive ‘Hisss’ actress Mallika Sherawat is acting in a Hollywood flick “Politics of Love” opposite rising star Brian White. Film is about a romance between a black Republican (White) and an idealistic, Obama-worshipping Democrat (played by Mallika), set during the 2008 US Presidential election in which Obama, making history.

Brian White is an African-American actor, dancer, football player, lacrosse player, stock broker and youth activist.

The film is currently under production and has a Facebook page that enjoys a fanbase of around 500 admirers. The page also has photo stills of the film in progress.

Got a poster of your own, Good going girl! Better than Aishwarya Rai’s Pink Panther 2 I would say!

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