Live billboard for Johnson’s 24hour Moisture body lotion

October 7th, 2010

Johnson & Johnson is adverting 24hour Moisture body lotion with the 20ft by 10ft ‘World of Softness’ billboard, but with a twist. The billboard is a live one, with three scantily clad models spending their day posing inside the pop-up advert at London’s Westfield Shopping Centre.

One blonde model sits half-naked behind a fluffy cloud, while another poses wrapped behind a tree. In the middle of the billboard, one tall beauty, dressed in a short pink dress, sits on a swing and reaches out to surprise shoppers with her toes.

Wonder how these models survive whole day in such a chilly weather without warm clothes and heating? Big money may be…!

Live Advertising:

In 2005, 40 models partied in the side of a building as part of New York’s first ever live billboard promoting Calvin Klein Cosmetics.

Earlier this year, the first ‘scented billboard’ was also launched by the Bloom grocery chain in North Carolina to promote the sale of beef. It emitted odours similar to charcoal and black pepper to suggest a steak grilling.

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