Last Episode of "The OC"

April 25th, 2007

Yesterday I was heart broken, and was crying and crying. Felt like my heart was sinking and I wanted to be alone for few hours, just alone. I am not new to this feeling, I remember this happened to me when my favourite favourite show “Friends” came to an end (though I still watch repeat episodes again & again). Infact for 2 whole days I was depressed. Somehow I managed to put my heart and soul in “Sex and the City,” show and I am proud to say that I loved it, it became part of my daily life. But sadly it came to an end too (this bracket is a copy of the bracket above).

Lately I loved “The OC” and yesterday it was last episode of the show. It was very emotional and heart touching episode, yeah! I was again crying and very emotional. I loved “Benjamin McKenzie” played as (Ryan) and cute “Adam Brody” played as (Seth) and I loved their dashing dad Peter Gallagher played as (Sandy)
So the saying is true “All good things come to an end.” But Never mind I’ll overcome this emotional trauma, because I have one more favourite show up my sleeves, its “Desperate Housewives.”

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