Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif not so fun at Koffee with Karan

August 6th, 2007

As I’ve said before both the ladies, Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif are gorgeous and elegant with charismatic smile. And I don’t have to repeat myself again & again that how much Lara has worked on herself and is doing wonders on the screen. You can look at the picture and decide what a stunner she was on the Koffee with Karan? But for the first time, I couldn’t take my eyes off from Lara’s strappy sandals, they were gorgeous. 

Katrina, I don’t know, she is good and gorgeous, but when it comes to acting, I think she always looks like a lost babe on the screen. Little bit of fakeness is always attached to her. But she is a real UK babe, with that style, behaviour and of-course that accent. I was shocked to know that Bipasha and Katrina are at war with each other, they don’t even prefer to look at each other. Well, nothing to do with us!

Fun part was when Karan tried his best to make Katrina admit that she and Salman Khan are dating, but Katrina was very diplomatic and didn’t admit anything on the show.
To my shock Lara also maintained that she is single and ready to mingle, well does that mean Kelly Dorji is out of the door?

Altogether the show was fun, but not that thrilling. Nothing too spicy happened, heard or said. Rapid fire round was OK. And the hamper was won by Lara Dutta and Katrina kept moaning for it.

I would say the Lara and Bipasha episode at season 1 of Koffee with Karan was much fun.

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  2. very beautiful. girl


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