Kushal and Gauhar leaves the BiggBoss house

October 29th, 2013

Actually kicked out by BiggBoss….

Not shocked for them leaving, it was going to happen as Kushal is a thick head idiot….but sad that now what will Candy and Ajaz Khan do in the house, who will they irritate? Both their targets have gone. Not fair Bigg Boss!

Bring them back or get some rude idiots like them in the house….the show must go on!

During the luxury budget task for the week, ‘Ignore The Obvious’, housemates were asked to ignore Andy while he indulged in various antics such as interference while talking, teasing, irritating, etc, to grab their attention. During this task, Andy misbehaved with Gauhar by flaunting and passing crude remarks on her lingerie. As a result, Gauhar got very upset with Andy and after end of the task, conveyed to Andy that his means and methods were quite cheap and unacceptable.

She also told everything to her idiot boy Kushal, who as usual without using his brains ran to Andy to hit him. While the other housemates tried to stop Kushal from causing Andy any physical harm, Kushal continued to abuse Andy endlessly. When the situation got out of hand, Bigg Boss asked all contestants to assemble in the living room and made the announcement that owing to Kushal’s violent behaviour, he will have to immediately pack his bags and leave the Bigg Boss house.

Now because it all happened for Gauhar, she decided to pack her bags and leave the house. While waiting on the door to be opened, Gauhar fainted and was out lifted by Kushal.

Finally, at midnight, Kushal and Gauhar left the house together – marking their collective exit from the ‘Bigg Boss’ house and the show. Goodluck!!!

Now I am thinking will they leave the house or BiggBoss will convince them to go and live in the Caravan….if yes than that will be a great torture for Kushal and Gauhar when they see the people already there….lol!

In live feed – Ajaz and Candy are in the house….

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