Koffee with Karan – Salman says “I AM VIRGIN”

December 1st, 2013

Candid Confessions of Salman Khan

1. Salman – VIRGIN

2. Karan – GAY

3. Shahrukh – SHARK

4. Ranbir-Katrina – DATING

5. Aishwarya – STUNNING

Finally the wait was over, but actually not for me. Living in London, here the KWK season 4 will start a week later, which is next Sunday 8th November 2013, at 7pm.

I had to watch the whole show on Youtube, nothing could have stopped me today. Salman Khan was the guest! Connected to LED, I watched the show at least 5 times, pause-rewind-pause-rewind don’t know how many times. Bloody hell… I can still watch it for more than 100 times, just to get that cheeky expressions and straight face lies. Those nervous smiles and blushing face when asked about his ex flames and bedroom secrets.

I must admit that the host of show Karan Johar was quite nervous in front of Salman Khan, at times he was very red in face. Karan called Salman Khan a Super Star who wears heart on his sleeves.. perfect!

Only hitch – Salman khan could have been looked more dashing, if the choice of his clothes and colour were better. What we see on Bigg Boss is a better stylish Salman.

Coming to the set of KWK 4 – It’s very sophisticated and very sexy this time. It looks like the guests are entering the LOVE DEN. The Set is all red, gold, mirrors, chandeliers, walk down the stairs and a sexy red piano. Not to forget The Sofa – The Couch with an Ouch! The red coffee mug and the coffee wall. Everything is just speechless and big WOW!

Hamper basket also red and stylish. The lie-o- meter is missing from the show this time.

On top of that Salman Khan the opener of the show….I mean what more can one ask from Karan. Thanks to Karan Johar!

Show started with direct questions about Salman’s ex girlfriends, sex, pre martial sex, affairs, bedrooms and suhagraat. At first it sounded like an adult show, but then slowly everything mellow down.

Salman’s Statement – He’s Virgin and he’s single till he get married. He is saving himself for marriage. What a lie! But if it comes out of Salman’s mouth than it has to be true…no doubt about it.

Salman loves to sleep alone and the way he showed it on the sofa was just Aaaaaa! His little things that make us love him more was all on the show. His very casual ways, where he removes his watch and place it on the sofa. Calling himself boring and below average actor was just another Aaaaaaa. Love you Salman!!!

Opening up about his and SRk’s friendship and enmity. He wanted SRK to finish it off there and than by ringing his doorbell and saying sorry. He sounded very genuine.

This episode made one more thing very clear, that Karan Johar is GAY! The way Karan blushed when Salman said “gay encounter with you Karan, but I am the guy” made the air clear.

Best part was when Salim Khan joined Salman on the sofa. Salim showed his emotional and loving side. It was great to see and hear both Father and Son.

Moment of the day – “Save myself till I get married”.

Rapid Fire Round –

Q1 : Three things no one knows about you.
A : Great Guy, Great Guy, Great Guy ( Karan added Good in Bed)

Q2 : Marriage in one word
A : Hey Ram

Q3 : Awards
A : Rewards

Q4: On Screen Kissing
A : No Fun

Q5 :  Being Human
A : Heart Felt

Q6 : If you wake up as following people what is the first thing you would do
A1 : Sanjay Leela Bhansali – I would wonder where Karan Johar is or where Karan Johar has been last night
A2 : Shahrukh Khan – Aaj Kaun gaya Karan ke show pe, Salman.. Salman kyun gaya re
A3 : Ranbir Kapoor – Salman Lucky ya Mein
A4 : Aamir Khan – Aaaa!!! Dophar ho gayi.
A5 : Katrina Kaif – Where is Ranbir?

Q7 : Best and Worst part of being Salman Khan
A: In trouble all the times ( Good Part) .. Not being able to get out of it (Worst Part).

Q8 : If not in the film industry what should following do..
A1 : Sonakshi – Designing or Politics.
A2 : Kareena  – House wife
A3 : Hrithik – Dance Academy
A4 : Priyanka – Singer. (Long Pause..)  House wife.. She will make a lovely housewife.

Q9 : What advice would you give to following people?
A1 :  Ranbir – Have fun.
A2 : Katrina – Make sure he doesn’t have fun.
A3 : Hrithik – You stay out of it.

Q10 : At Gun Point if you are forced to have a gay encounter who would you wanted to be with?
A :  Aasi  koi gun bani hi nahin Karan.. But just to make you feel good, You Karan. But I am the guy..(Karan turns red face)

Q11 : Kill, Marry or Just Friend
A1 : Marry – Priety Zinta
A2 :  Katrina and Priyanka – Just Friend.. No Killing..

Q12 :  First actor that comes to your mind for following animal names.
A1 : Tiger – Aamir Khan
A2 : Puppy – Ranbir Kapoor
A3 : Shark – Shahrukh Khan

Q13 :  True or False
A1 : Never shown drunk on Set – FALSE
A2 : There are bigger Star than me in the country – TRUE
A3 : I Highly value review of my movie – FALSE
A4 : Hate going to GYM – FALSE

Q14 : Choices – Who according to you has brightest future?
A : Arjun, Aditya and Varun .. It is biased opinion as I know them.

Q15 : Who would you place your BETS on -  Aaliya, Parineeti, or Sonakshi
A : Deepika

Q16 :  Most Stunning Actress -  Aishwarya or Katrina
A : “Aishwarya Rai Bachchan”

Q17 :  Prem or Chulbul Pandey your preferred character
A : Prem

Q18 :  Raju Hirani, Rohit Shetty or Karan Johar the next director you would like to work with
A : Karan Johar … doesn’t take me…He has signed Ranbir Kapoor ( He is taking away everything .. This is not fair)

Q19 : Best Pickup Line on you
A : Chaliye naa.. Bahut late ho gaya.. Khana kha lijiye naa.. (after my two drinks)

Video of full episode here

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  1. He really was very cheeky on the show. Worth a wait I would say…Loved him! He is Virgin and I am waiting for him.

  2. U r our mentor Salman, so if u get caught cheating then what we will do…be careful nxt time….Sir ji


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