Kangna and Dino kissing – Video

February 15th, 2010

At the second wedding anniversary party of Sanjay and Manyata Dutt on Friday night, Dino Morea and Kangana Ranaut as guests had some great lovey-dovey time, Photos are the proof. It’s obvious from the photos that Dino and Kangna had a very intimate-passionate kissy with closed eyes, completely enjoying it, though it was on the cheek.

Dino attended the party without his steady girlfriend Nandita Mahatani and Kangna as we all know is already single, looking for naya bakra. Kangna and Dino both complimented each other, as both are famous for their breakups and on-off relationships. Whereas Kangna is not at all miffed by the photos, Dino is trying his best to put the records straight. Dino is now clearing his side of story on twitter to public and may be to Nandita.

Dino tweeted today that reports about him and Kangna getting together were "far from the truth".


Kissy when?
When they both decided to leave the party at the same time, they hugged each other quite warmly and the peck on the cheek was as hot as it gets.

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  1. Dino says it was not what it looked, but then why closed eyes and such close and tight hug for just a kiss on the cheek. come on man nobody is fool here…


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