Juhi Babbar married Anup Soni

March 16th, 2011

Juhi Babbar and Anup Soni, film and television actor have at last tied the nuptial knot in a low-key ceremony attended only by family and close friends.

The newlyweds are on their honeymoon right now, and Juhi’s brother Arya Babbar is extremely happy for his sister. Also newlyweds have left for Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple. They believe in seeking divine intervention to start a new life together. They are slated to back in Mumbai by the weekend for a round of celebrations.

Juhi and Anup committed to each other a couple of months ago, and it was only yesterday that the wedding was officially announced. Duo met while they both were actively involved in theatre group Ekjute. An alleged torrid affair between the two led to split between Anup and his wife Ritu.

Juhi Babbar was once married to director Bejoy Nambiar, while Anoop was earlier married to Ritu and has two daughters.

Ritu side story:

Anup told her one day that he can’t take the responsibility of their kids, Zoya (6) and Myra (2). Ritu ordered for Anup’s itemized mobile bills. Her fears and suspicions came true when she saw the bills, which clearly spelt that Anup was with Juhi over the phone for a large part of the day. Ritu even confronted Juhi. But Juhi told her that she was with Anup only on the phone.
Things took a turn for the worse when one fine day Anup confessed to Ritu that he had been with Juhi over weekends to Pune. This was the limit. And then Anup left home to stay in their old house. The couple divorced in March 2010.

Ritu said, ‘Yes, I have been wronged. My husband’s proximity with Juhi caused problems in my life. But if this is destiny, I wish Anup and Juhi the best in life. I want to concentrate on fortifying a happy future for my daughters with dignity.’

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