Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 winner Hard Kaur

May 9th, 2009

Shocked by the title, don’t be because according to me Hard Kaur is the winner hands down!

No doubt that JDJ this year is the best reality dance show. Fantastic performers, superb dances and sensible judges, the show have got everything to make it a hit. And now Rohit Roy’s entry in the show has done wonders, he is the best!

This Friday’s circus dance theme was brilliant and all the contestants performed excellent. Best was Hard Kaur, their act was mind blowing in fact I liked Vaibhai’s comment “out bloody standing”, Hard kaur and Savio looked and danced superb on song “welcome”. For me she is the winner, and now that bahu Parul is out, trophy should definitely go to Hard Kaur. Gauhar is also equally talented and deserve the trophy but come on no one want to see a crying face all the time. I think Gauhar had made her point that she is a very emotional person but dear please don’t get labelled as a “cry baby”. Gauhar performed very well and she looked a real doll in cute pink outfit. Karan first time performed the best. I think he is next to go. I don’t want anyone from the television industry to win this time. Baichung’s performance was short and sweet, but they could have done much better.

I want Hard Kaur or Baichung to win the show, they both are the best entertainer and dancers. And to all the female voters please stop voting for Karan’s look and physic, if girls have forgotten let me remind them he is “Married” and a rubbish dancer.

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  1. karan is the best ok he will win jdj3

  2. I am with Hard kaur she is the winner. Vote for Hard Kaur.

  3. I think Hard Kaur and Baichung are the best….and Karan should be kicked out next time….for a stupid dancer like him a good dancer like Monica was eliminated…!!!

  4. i wanted hard kaur to win aswell but she had a dance off with gauhar and lost. =(

  5. Missed Hard Kaur tonight. she would have beat them all. Karan was shit today and Gauhar was the best. But Baichung was outstanding!

    May the best “Man” win.

  6. Hard Kaur was the best and the winner. I love u Hard kaur.

  7. weirdos!!! gauhar sucks!! Baichung DESERVES TO WIN!!!! Gauhar also has a very bad attitude…


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