Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 – Gauhar Khan out

April 12th, 2009

Gauhar’s exit from JDJ on Saturday proved that Popularity always overshadow the talent. It has always happened and will happen again, Parul Chauhan the famous Bahu of famous serial will win JDJ 3. It’s true that both the contestants Parul and Gauhar made mistakes in their face off dance but then Parul and Deepak very cunningly cheated the judges in dance off, they removed the flower heart from their act which was a complete drawback for them on Friday. And what surprise me most is none of the judges noticed this! On other hand Gauhar and her new Choreographer Himanshu performed far better than Parul with minor mistakes. Putting aside Gauhar’s dominating and crying baby image, she was far better than Parul in dance.

Friday’s best and heart touching performances were by Monica, Gauhar and Shilpa. Blind fold and Elastic band were the props given to the contestants. Monica and Javed looked great in pink outfits, they performed with elastic bands on song “teri aur”. Their dance, act, lifts and use of prop everything was superb. In-fact first time in all these weeks I liked Monica and Javed’s work. Gauhar and Shilpa’s act had an emotional touch to it. Gauhar performed on song “bahon ke darmiyan” and Shilpa on “hum tum”. Both performed with elastic bands.

Hard Kaur’s performance with blindfold on song “bachke rahna re baba” was very good and she deserved full 30 but…! Hard Kaur did not wear a shorts or a proper chaddi under her frock which in result gave us a sneak-peak of her tattooed bum.

Next person I would love to see leaving JDJ is Karan! All the hard work and dancing is done by his choreographer Nicole and all he does is just hold her hand to support her. He seems over confident with his looks, body and thinks he’s got backing of female fans.

Juhi as usual was looking gorgeous in her dress and beautiful earrings…yes I do notice all these things! Vaibhavi this week was very funny, especially when she imitated Baichung. One more advice to her, please wear some nice dresses which suits you. Change your dress designer or take tips from Juhi.

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  1. yeah man, she was the best. Parul should have been kicked out.

    people stop voting for Parul!

  2. I dislike Parul SO much. I’m sorry but she never dances well and it’s usually Deepak doing all the work. She should have been out. She messed up SO much…
    Oh well…Gauhar will be back (maybe) through the wild card…let’s seeee…
    Karan is alright. I enjoyed the dance. It’s really up to his choreographer what he does but I know what you mean.
    Love Hard Kaur, Monica and Shilpa!
    Good luck to all!
    Thanks for sharing your comments! <3

  3. saroj khan and vebhavi are the big choreografers and you have no right to say that you are right and they are wrong.
    it was a fair elimination.
    she was right that both made mistakes but she looked at the choreography and she said that deepeks choreografgy was much better than himanchus and everyone agree with that statement.
    gahuar didn’t dance much..she was just acting alot but danced and their choreography and the performance was much betterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    judges were supposed to choose the best and they CHOSE THE BEST


    i hope you understand and stop bashing poor parul:@

  4. Parul is shit! I wish Gauhar comes back through Wild card and kick this so called famous “bahu” out from the show.

  5. Gauhar has such a bad attitude.Stuff she said abt Hanif.Even though she is a good dancer we would rather have her out of the show.

  6. why is there a wildcard in this show…that’s not good if someone comes back after being eliminated and win the show again, if the company is planning to do so…it’s not at all fair…for me gauhar has lost coz she was eliminated…and the company better be careful before making her the winner coz the competitors this time are not sidha sadha like last time when prachi desai won…it’s gonna be very tough for them to make gauhar the winner…but you’re right about one thing: karan, i used to like him before this competition…now i have been feeling that he is just using the jantas to get votes and doing nothing…he doesn’t seem to improve anything…in other hand rest of the contestants esp. baichung seem to impress me a lot…what a guy he is…always cool and laid back…i would be very happy if someone like him could win this competition…

  7. Hard core isthe best.Bhaichung is also getting so much better.I really think Gauhar should be eliminated.


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