Jade Goody in Bigg Boss 2 (Indian Big Brother)

August 13th, 2008

Now this is called pinching news, I literally have to pinch myself to believe this! Remember “Jade Goody” who was accused of bullying our Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, is to appear on the Indian version of the show. News is, she will enter the Bigg Boss house on Sunday and is been paid £100,000. But she is also said to be equally nervous to enter the Indian Bigg Boss House, she has her doubts about the treatment she’ll get from the Indian inmates during her long stay of three months. She really wants to clear her name and prove to everyone that she’s not a racist.

I don’t believe her she is bloody racist! She will definitely make the Bigg Boss House spiced up and the TRP of the show will surely reach sky high. To win Indian hearts Jade have to learn to cook chicken curry like Shilpa Shetty cooked for her.

Well, I am looking forward to see her in big boss house! But at same time I would also love to see our Shiv Sainiks protesting against her, entering the Bigg Boss house. It would be more interesting if she is sent straight back to UK from Andheri airport.

Be ready for another OXO fight!! She is bloody OXO maniac.

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  1. gajab maja aayega .. yar .. Jade akeli, kya samjegi hindi

  2. Thanks God… She is out of UK for atleast 3 months.

    Please keep her and teach her some etiquettes as said by Shilpa..

  3. This is the woman that Britain is ashamed of. She said stuff like ‘Bloody Paki’ and ‘Black’ and a host of other crap and then for some reason thinks she can convince the world she isn’t racist?! This isn’t your mom and pop you’re trying to convince here Goody.

    I can’t be more honest and nicer in saying that she is a bloody ugly looking fat racist bitch.

    I hope the contestants beat the crap out of her and strip her of all her ugly raucous ways of talking and kick her back to the UK.


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