It’s A Wonderful After Life – Video

April 12th, 2010

The film releases in the UK on April 21 and in India on May 7. It is an Indian Films and Bend It Films presentation in association with Studio18.

The premiere of Gurinder Chadha’s It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, held on April 12, 6pm at the Odeon West End, London’s Leicester Square.

Hosted by the film’s UK distributors ICON, event saw the film’s lead couple Golday Notay and Sendhil Ramamurthy walk the red carpet. Ramamurthy accompanied by his British-Polish actress wife Olga Sosnakova, both of whom flew in to London from LA last evening.

Joining them was the film’s director Chadha along with the cast comprising Sanjeev Bhaskar, Zoe Wanamaker and Jimi Mistry, to name a few. The red carpet affair was expected to be attended by London’s glitterati including Camilla Rutherford, the Grewal Family, Lisa Butcher, Liz McClarnon, Mica Paris, Nitin Ganatra, and the Andrew Lloyd Webber find, Preeya Kalidas.

The London premiere will be followed by a regional Birmingham premiere on April 14, making It’s a Wonderful Afterlife among the few films to have two UK premieres.

Shabana Azmi plays the doting mother who takes her obsession with marriage of her daughter into the world of serial murder. Director Gurinder Chadha’s twins Ronak and Kumiko will be making their debut in her film.

When asked Gurinder said, “Yes my twins make their acting debut in my film, not once but twice. And both the times they steal the show. They first appear in a sequence in a park with my husband Paul and then later in a wedding scene throwing flowers at the bride and the groom. Not only that, the twins feature in the end-titles of It’s A Wonderful Afterlife with their mother. “I can tell you this much, Ronak and Kumiko are a natural in front of the camera.”

Gurinder’s next venture would be a children’s film set in Kerala. It would be dedicated to her twins


The film is presented as a comedy with satirical and Ealing comedy humour. It covers life of Asian community in UK, in particular Southall, a suburb of London.

One of the key roles is Mrs. Sethi (Shabana Azmi), a widow living in Southall who wants to get her only daughter married as she is alone and unhappy. The daughter is named Roopi (Goldy Notay) and is a little plump and opinionated. However, Mrs. Sethi finds that every setup for a suitor is rejected in a rude manner. She avenges their behaviour towards her daughter by killing off the failed suitors. A police hunt begins for a serial murderer using the killer curry.

Mrs. Sethi doesn’t feel guilty until the spirits of her victims come back to haunt her as they are unable to be reincarnated until their murderer dies. Mrs. Sethi has to kill herself to free the spirits, but vows to get her daughter married before that.

The spirits realize that helping Mrs. Sethi’s daughter find a suitable husband before the police catch her is in their best interest and work together. The movie involves significant pop culture and local references to life in the UK for Asians, as is a trend with most movies of Gurinder Chadha.

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