Iqra’s first photo – Sanjay Dutt’s daughter

June 8th, 2011

Ameesha Patel must have upset Sanjay and Manaayata Dutt by posting the photo of their eight month old daughter on her twitter account, but she has made me and so many others very happy who were dying to see the babies.

The curiosity of what the babies look like was just unbearable, thanks to Ameesha for publishing the photo of gorgeous Iqra Dutt – The beautiful eyes!

If this is Iqra, wonder how handsome is Shahraan? Have to admit Sanjay is blessed with beautiful babies…!

Upset Dutt’s

The actress who is close friends with Dutt’s wife Manaayata put up a picture of their eight-month-old toddler Iqra on a social networking website, but Ameesha didn’t take permission from the parents. Says a source close the Dutts, The baby picture was a personal one.
Magazines have been calling for the baby pics but Dutts never wanted to give any pictures. Sanju doesn’t believe in this kind of publicity as they both want life to be normal for their children."

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