I love "Pingu"

June 12th, 2007

I was watching a cartoon serial “pocoyo” with my 2 year old son………he loves it. Suddenly I went into my own world and though of “Pingu”, I don’t clearly remember on what channel or what time it use to come on tele, but I remember how all of sudden pingu use to appear on the tele (in India). I loved those little clips of pingu. Never understood what they are talking, but their acting made everything so clear to understand. They walk and talk choooo chweetly.

Now that when I am back into my childhood days I will definitely get the DVD of pingu and watch it. Few days back I saw all the 3 movies of Sherk……again just for 2 reasons, 1. b’cox I love animated movies and 2. I love Eddie Murphy. I just love all the funny and colourful cartoon characters. Sometimes I think there’s no reality with these cartoon characters, still they are so relaxing and makes you laugh and laugh.

My motto in life is “one cartoon film a week, keeps you chirpy charpy and chweet”. I know I am very bad at one liner and rhyming but I hope you all will understand what I mean.
History of Pingu.

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