Hrithik and his “F-word”

April 24th, 2009

Hrithik’s “Mother fucker” word has created quite an uproar, but why? Don’t we all swear or use foul languages. What’s the big deal if Hrithik swears, infact he should beat that Flexy up for cheating him by putting that video clip on youtube. Hrithik was rehearsing for a song for Kites with his choreographer Flexy Stu and he used foul language, which was filmed by Flexy.

It’s true that celebrities don’t have anything personal or private.

Hrithik’s word "This is the baddest m****rf****r in the world!."

Hrithik is and will always be my hot favourite actor, he rocks. Leave him alone!


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  1. Flexy has done a good job by exposing the real dark side of Hrithik Roshan. Now everybody knows that the supposedly suave Hrithik is in reality abusive and indecent. The worst part is that after getting caught on camera, instead of publicly apologizing to his fans for the shameful act, he tried to get the video off Youtube. That shows his real character. Had he atleast admitted to his mistake, probably some of his fans might have forgiven him.

  2. Really we all are bunch of hypocrite, we all use F word its like a part of our daily langauage so what if Hritik said, sheetal is right hritik has done nothing wrong.

  3. yaa we used foul words in our day to day life and so hrithik deed as the part of his personal life so that must not be made issue for his growing film careesr.

  4. Leave Hrithik alone, u fucking hypocrite people.

  5. It is very surprising, that insteading of condemning Hrithik for his indecent behaviour and abusive language you are all supporting him. Please understand that Hrithik is a public figure. Hence it is imperative on his part of behave responsibly especially when women are around him. Also, even if we consider Hrithik as just a commoner,what made him approach Youtube? Isn’t his malicious intentions very clear? Didn’t he try to hide his misdeeds from his fans? Isn’t his character questionable?
    Please do not try to justify his actions. Hrithik has committed a sin and he needs to pay for it.


  6. Truly Hrithik Sucks.

  7. Hrithik Sucks. Its a well known fact that he purchased filmfare awards for best actor for Kaho Na Pyar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya & Jodha Akbar. Also, he purchased award for best villain for Dhoom 2. He obviously did not deserve any of these awards. Also, he paid money to get a wax statue of himself Madame Tussauds. That way, he tried to give an impression to everybody that he is a good actor and compared himself to Amitabh Bachchan. He even paid money to Karan Johar to cast him in Agneepath though he very well knew that he was too small to fit into Amitabh Bachchan’s shoes. Hrithik was fully aware that he could never do justice to a Vijay Dinanath’s character made immortal by Big B.
    Hrithik’s, loose character was exposed by Barbara Mori publicly but he did not bow out of film-industry and shamelessly still continues acting by paying money to publicists to create a hype about him though he clearly lacks substance.


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