Michael Jackson with new face

November 7th, 2007

Michael Jackson is back with extra safedi and younger look. No more of nose falling apart or stress looks. The troubled singer unveiled his startlingly pale new look on the cover of US Ebony magazine in a heavily airbrushed photograph. Jackson gave his first interview for ten years to the magazine to celebrate 25 years of his seminal Thriller album.

Jackson has regularly insisted that his changing colour is not intentional. He has maintained that his light skin was the result of vitiligo, a rare disease that discolours the face and body.

वाह! क्या बात है, भगवान करे एसी बीमारी हर काले को हो जाए|

काले से गोरे तक का सफ़र!

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  3. Michael Jackson went from looking like a black man to a white women, but yet he says he is proud of who he is. Man did his family mess him up.

  4. i need his new face picture to show to my friends for we are debating on it.


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