Himesh Reshammiya on Koffee with Karan

July 23rd, 2007


This weekend Mr. Topi is going to have “Koffee” with Karan. Yeah right, you guessed it, it’s Himesh Reshammiya. I hate him, I hate his voice, his face, his topi and his pakau film “Aap Ka Surroor”. I don’t have any high hopes from him on entertainment level. He will definitely bore us.

Lets see if Karan can reveal the truth of 24/7 topi. I wish Karan makes him remove his cap or for a change let’s just say that he comes on the show without a cap.

Karan, are you listening or reading this……don’t allow cap on the show?

We hear Karan showed clippings of Udit Narayan, Anu Malik, Aadesh Shrivastav, DJ Suketu and others, who praised HR to the high heavens, so we’re not surprised he’s currently on cloud nine. But we have to wonder what Sonu Nigaam will have to say about that!

It’s Himesh’s birthday today.

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  1. who wrote this article who ever did i hate that person

  2. y u hate me. himesh? he is the best yaar

  3. himesh is the best how can you say something like that you have a awful taste

  4. hello ppl…Himesh all around… I don’t like many of his compositions but he’s a big relief from the nadeems, shravans, jatins n lalits we had all these yrs…. gawd…awfully monotonous sounds they produced…!!! This man has broken that for the least. I don’t mean nadeem-shravan or jatin-lalit weren’t good…they’re gr8 but had become too long in the tooth now… Himesh has a love-it or hate-it style of singing. His compositions can’t be complained against (though not all are worth listening). He’s fresh and has given us a fair amount of exciting tunes. He can’t be hated, no. Many don’t like him, and tht’s quite natural due to his not-so-obvious vocals (or nasals as some call it), but he sure can’t be hated. Not liking and hating are different!!!

  5. sheetal SUCKS.

  6. it doesnt matter u hate him or not bcoz hes got many fans around who love him a lot-like me! if u dont like him, atleast dont write such things about him zat will bother other people! You really have an awful taste! I terribly hate the one who’s written this article! Himesh is z best!!! Put zat clear in ur mind! HIMESH IS Z BEST SINGER!!!

  7. bbwahahahahhaha hes got amazing number of fans? you’re just 4 people… do you want to know why the number of people who hate himesh reshammiya don’t express it?

    1. If they did these blogs would flood with comments and server would crash.
    2. They have better stuff to do.

    that being said you get the point if you don’t .. go listen to himesh some more…


  8. how culd u hate himesh reshammiya his da best man his voice is so sweet and soft his style his got a wicked dressing since and his face he is so gorguse n hot n sexy i just love him n 1more thing his film wsnt a pakau it ws a nice sweet movie n dont forget it ws a hit da film dun well in box office so who ever wrot dis article day dont no wats music

  9. I am not an Indian and don’t know that much about Indian music. But one thing is for sure. Mr. Himesh is ambitious and that is basically why some people hate him. Please, give him a break. He is doing his own thing. If you don’t like him don’t buy his albums and of course don’t talk trash about him. The fact that you cared to dedicate your time and energy to write about him shows that deep inside you like him. Till you realize this fact and come out to praise him, please shut up.

  10. hi people
    haan to kis-kisko HR se fight hai? tummse main bahut se hain jo apne apko HR se jyada achha music composer aur jyada achhe singer samaghte hain aur mujhe lagta hai tumhara yeh talent tum logon ke bahar nahi aa raha hai. so ab tum log yaar Indian Idol jaise shows main jaakar apna talent show kar sakta ho.So plz vahan jayen aur kisi par comment karne se pehle apne talent ke upar 1-2 logon ke comments sun lizeye.

  11. Hi guys there r very few hindi songs that i listen to . . . I mostly like jagjit singh and some of kumar sanu in hindi and im a big fan of george michael , tupac and linkin park . . .but since i listened to aashiq banaya aapne i really started liking the voice of himesh reshamiya. . I dont know why the media and u guys are after this poor fellow. . . Actually you people can’t stand a decent celebrity. . . If a macho man run’s over people and kills animals and a person keeps guns in his place and is convicted under the law you guys show all the tantrum and if a singer is good, decent and above all a good human being you guys don’t like him. . Whether he sings through the nose or through the ears it doesn’t matter as long as people over the world like him and his voice and as long as he keeps delivering good music. . . Don’t try to impress people by proving yourself to be different from the crowd and condemning people just to prove yourself to different and unique but try to change this attitude and if someone has a god gift or is good in a particular art then try to boost his moral. . “one more thing guys if you cant write anything good about someone then you don’t have any right to write anything bad about him “

  12. he is the best he is my fav singer, anybody wants to tell me contact me emranhussain56@yahoo.com

  13. Hi Himesh,
    We are sa re ga ma pa fans and we would like to
    ask you why when Raja comes on the stage, you’re so rude. We know that Aneek sings very good, but now we
    are not going vote for him because of you’re stupid comments. You are the worst judge in the world.We hope that you never ever show up on sa re ga ma pa ever again. Come to Dallas and I’ll see you. You should follow the other judges.

  14. Love him or hate him, but one can’t ignore Himesh Reshammiya and his inimitable nasal crooning. But this time, the music director turned actor has landed into trouble for his song – ‘Soniye Je Tere Nal’, which is a popular number from his forthcoming ‘Karzzzz’.

    A Punjabi pop singer Kulwinder Kally is bent upon proving that Himesh is a thief and the song is actually his, which he released around four years back. Although, Himesh is vehemently denying it but the NRI Punjabi singer has issued legal notices to Himesh as well as music director Sameer and has claimed damages of whopping Rs5 crore for stealing his song.

    Speaking to a news daily, Punjabi pop singer Kulwinder Kally stated that, “This song is being sung by Himesh but this is actually my song. It came out in my cassette ‘Sham Wali Gaddi’ which I had released around 4 years back. Himesh has stolen this song from my cassette. I demand the removal of this

  15. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimesh is the best
    i ever liked and still liking


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