Gutthi of Comedy Nights with Kapil quits the show?

November 11th, 2013

Comedy Night with Kapil has now become nights with Kapil and family. Dadi, Bua, Biwi, Bakri, Naukar, Gutthi, Palak and Sidhu ji. Anyone absence on the show make us wonder what happened?

Sunil Grover playing “Gutthi” nation’s favourite, was absent from last episode…wonder why? Gutthi is demanding pay rise, as his character is immensely popular among the audience. Looking at the popularity of his character his demand is genuine, but the channel and production house are not accepting it. As a result, Sunil has apparently stopped shooting for the show and has decided to walk out of it.

Now that’s very sad if Gutthi doesn’t come back and channel don’t try hard enough to get Sunil back. And please no replacements, nobody can do Gutthi as good as him.

Now only the time will tell, what will happen to Gutthi?

I think it’s too early for Gutthi to ask for a pay rise….come on Gutthi don’t be a spoilsport. We all love you…the Nation loves you. Remember once you are gone you are gone…so think over it!

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