Gentleman Anil and Naughty Akshaye on Koffee with Karan

July 22nd, 2007

Ahh!!! So Akshaye Khanna won the koffee hamper and going to sell it on ebay…….now that was something you don’t hear from a bollywood actor (which means Akshaye is a net savvy). I have to take my words back that Koffee with Karan show is turning into a film promotional center. Well in some means I am right, but lets not get into it and wait till the release of “Gandhi my Father”, let the audience decide if the film promotion on KWK was successful or not.
Let’s just enjoy the episode, because it was really one memorable episode with one gentleman and one naughty little tinker.

Let’s talk about Akshaye baby………now this reminds me of a song

Let’s talk about sex, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about sex

Coming back to Akshaye, he is such a cool dude. I had never imagined that he can be so hilarious and so full of life in desi style (the way he was sitting on the sofa). Dressed in red shirt, red belt and red canvas shoes, he was looking cute innocent naughty boy. And he was really naughty, when asked by Karan “what kind of women he likes?” instead of words Akshaye’s hand gesture gave away the answer. Now when I have seen him on Koffee with Karan I think he is a great human being. I wish he was purely himself on the show and there was no acting at all. The way he described Anil’s enthusiasm with words “MC” and “BC”, I think was the sign of being real on the show and these words are used first time on the KWK show. I started liking Akshaye from his movie “Humraaz”, what a glamorous and hip villain he was in it.

Actually I wanted to watch this episode for my favourite Anil Kapoor, but the show was completely taken over by Akshaye Khanna. Anil as usual was smart and sexy, 48 but still on challenge with his son to get abs. And not at all worried about his daughter Sonam’s debut film “Sawariya”. Instead he is worried about his other two kids Harsh and Riya who want to enter the bollywood industry.


Karan: Sounds like a perfect family – perfect husband, perfect father and very, very few stories about your philandering… actually none at all.
Anil: I’m a good guy!!! I’ve decided to be completely honest on the show, so I’m being totally honest.

Karan: But there have been absolutely no link-up’s with you Akshaye, as well!
Akshaye: There have been here and there!

Karan: There has been Tara.. We read about her but beyond that
Akshaye: But that’s a genuine relationship, but link-up’s happen now and then.

Karan: You work with the most beautiful women, the most sexy women. But there still haven’t been any stories?
Akshaye: There have been a few stories, but few and far between.

Karan: What was your reaction, when you saw the film “Gandhi my Father” for the first time?
Akshaye: I saw it, with my family, emotions, it really stirs you, it shakes you up. Makes you cry, I sometimes cry just watching the promos

Karan: It has that kind of impact, what was your father’s reaction when he saw the film
Akshaye: He hugged me and he hugged Anil, Anil said he wouldn’t let me go, he was hugging him for so long he was so happy, so happy.

Karan: Fantastic and I wish you all the best.

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  1. Nice comments. I tried to link to your webpage but couldn’t so I posted it as a hyperlink on my blog. Looks like the interview was cool!

  2. I adore the mannerism of Akshaye Khanna in Koffee With Karan show! He’s really smart and cool dude!

  3. Akshaye Khanna is really a naughty bachelor too. I like his bachelorhood. He’s really unique guy both onscreen and offscreen! His behaviour in this show is very enthusiastic and genuine!!!

  4. AkshayeFan: Thanks man! yeah the hands gave it away… know what I mean….. NO actually not, i think he just got stuck on that question and hands moved wrong at wrong time.
    but yeah I still get that naughty smile on my face when i see him sitting like that on the sofa.
    He is one real gem we have in the industry. I think this interview has done him a great favour.

    Karthika, Zoya: I completely agree with you. He is really a cool dude and a naughty eligible bachelor.

  5. I’m proud that Akshaye Khanna happens to be my most favourite actor and the best actor of mine. He is really an incredible actor of great caliber. I like his naughty smile and his unique facial expression. Hope, Karan Johar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali sign Akshaye Khanna for their movies very soon especially after seeing this special episode of Koffee With Karan Show.

  6. I love the way that Akshaye Khanna flashes a mischievous grin and adds as an afterthought in this show with Karan Johar. With no unnecessary controversies or too much of link-ups dogging him, I consider him to be a very decent lad who does not believe too much in late nights, partying or pub hopping. Is he for real? Akshaye Khanna has it-star quality. When he walks in the energy in the room changes. Yet there’s something really amazing about him, his generosity of spirit. I think that everyone who enters his orbit is treated with attentive, low-key courtesy. His piercing eyes constantly betray vestiges of melancholy. He’s really an exceptional person and actor too. Bollywood and I are betting that audiences will keep watching him for years to come. Becoming a star is a time that’s diffcult. But when I saw this Koffee With Karan episode, I feel that Akshaye gives you the feeling he’s going to stay standing. He’s going to keep renewing and growing. One feels he can transcend any generation he’s in. He gives a sense of how rare such staying power is. And he’s emerged as one of the few star offsprings to create an identity of his own, right from his debut film itself. He talks shyly but his body language bespeaks immense self-confidence and that is what draws hordes of women towards him. But he seems to pay little attention to the effect he has on them. He’s really a rare bachelor. For an average guy off screen, he has such a powerful presence on screen and that’s what is very alluring. Sure, he’s beyond gorgeous, but looks alone couldn’t cause this kind of frenzy. He’s charming and has a brooding sensuality that makes him a very compelling guy. He may be a very instinctual actor and human being but he also has an exacting technique. He’s also extremely attractive as an artiste. And he is a quite remarkable and unique performer. He is one of the best and most talented actors to hit Bollywood.

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