Shilpa in Big Brother…

January 19th, 2007

The clips from Big Brother we watched were fascinating. It is so obvious that the reason for this row is envy. Shilpa is beautiful, talented and successful. They are nothing like her, so they want to hurt her.
There is an element of racism in some of the remarks, but I think it’s only on the surface. That was the easiest way to hurt her. But the real reason is very simple: she is a strong competition, she has a better chance to win and they want her out.

Their behaviour is basic and cruel and I think the broadcaster should intervene and put an end to it. This has become a big story in the media and the issue has even been taken on a diplomatic level. It has been completely blown out of proportion. This

incident is not representative of the whole society and therefore such attention to it is not justified.

Just because she is Indian and the others are British doesn’t mean anything. You cannot generalise. Maybe there is a problem at some level in British society, but the same goes for every other community.

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