Ekta’s paranormal Raginni MMS

December 9th, 2010

Yes, Ekta’s next is based on a real life couple’s paranormal experience. Producer Ekta Kapoor was approached by the couple with video footage. After looking at the video, the Balaji head honcho felt compelled to tell their story to the world. Thus, began the groundwork for Raginni MMS, as psychological horror.

Real story:
A couple filmed their lovemaking on their romantic getaway. Little did Raginni and her lover know that they’d shoot more than they had bargained for. The footage they shot showed the young woman possessed by something paranormal.

Unlike other steamy videos, this one didn’t go on to become a public scandal. However, producer Ekta Kapoor was approached with this footage by the couple itself.

Ekta have bought the rights to the video from the girl in question, the script is ready and they will begin work on Raginni MMS soon. The idea is to make it as less filmy as possible and there will be no diluting of content. She’s very clear that the film will be made without any changes.

Says Ekta, "I am super excited about this project. It has none of the conventional horror film trappings, bloodbaths, gore or creaky doors. I could have gone ahead and made another LSD 2, but I didn’t want that. When I read the script for Raginni, I knew it would be kickass.”

She adds – I am a huge fan of horror films like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project and the way they have been marketed are brilliant.

Pavan Kripalani directs. Kangana Ranaut has been approached to feature in the film.

Ekta Kapoor on Bigg Boss 4 for Raginni

Breaking all norms, Ekta will announce the project Raginni on Bigg Boss 4 this weekend.

"The marketing and promotion of Raginni MMS will be done very differently, which is why we are announcing the launch of the project on a TV show even before we go on floors."

The TV czarina is also looking forward to meeting the host, Salman Khan. "He’s a rockstar. Also, this would be my first solo appearance on BB4. I have been there before to promote a film for my brother, Tusshar."

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