Drunk Raja Chaudhary at Sanjay’s party

November 24th, 2008

Raja Chaudhary made a fool of himself “again” in the party given by Sanjay Nirupam. Sanjay Nirupam held a party for all the housemates basically to have a get-together and chit-chat, but Raja after having drinks and getting completely out of control and totally drunk started showing off his stupid attitude to the reporters.

Raja was very rude to media and was behaving like a spoilt brat. He thought he is a king and started calling for bouncers to keep media people away from him, as if he’s a very big celebrity. Latter he acted like a fool and started walking around the venue declaring that the media should “follow me wherever I go”. Raja standing on table loudly declared that he, “never wanted to enter this stupid show.” He made cracks at Sambhavna, who burst into tears. Then, fearing a backlash, the glib Chaudhary tendered his apologies to host Nirupam and Sambhavna. At last Sanjay Nirupam physically lifted him up from the table and escorted him towards the exit. “If he continues such behaviour, he may even be shunned at all events. At least he should understand that the Bigg Boss bitchy bickering is all over and this was our friendly re-union.” lamented Nirupam.

While walking out, Raja was heard saying, “Even after saying sorry, if people still want to hold a grudge against me, I can’t help getting worked up. Otherwise I am a peace-loving cool man.” Following his ouster, Sambhavna sighed, “At least now everyone will know how he tormented me during the show. I don’t wish to associate myself with a person like him. Not that I am scared, but I have my self-respect. After all, who is Raja?”

As I have always said that Raja is a person who will never learn from his mistakes. Good that Shweta Tiwari has left him, he don’t deserve her. Only thing that hurts is he don’t even love his daughter Palak who he was talking about all the time in Bigg Boss house and had also said that he love her very much. Don’t know how much more he wants to humiliate himself. I think he got more opportunity than he deserves to prove to his wife and daughter that he is a changed person now, but he failed all the time. Bigg Boss house was the best platform for him and he ruined it too!

People like Raja can never change!

News is all the contestants from the Bigg Boss 2 will walk the ramp for Bigg Boss designers Runali Bhagat and Karishma Lalani. Besides most of the BB contestants, the show-stoppers will include TV celebs like Mandira Bedi and Mona Singh.

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  1. Male version of Rakhi Sawant… Infact worst than Rakhi Sawant..

  2. I would say he is Male Version of Jade Goody. I don’t know why you guys think in India..but in UK she in non less than Raja Chaudhary

  3. vaise dear editor how much did you get from shweta tiwari ? all this fracas was when he got drunken you the media started running behind him and whatever he said that was for sambhavna seth and not for anybody else . As far as his married life is concerned he is very right even he shouldnt go back to shweta she doesnt deserve to him . Let that bitchy die he shouldnt care for her

  4. To Rakesh:

    Females like Shweta and Sambhavana don’t need men like Raja or you in their life’s. Who’s thinking are very small and cheap? Only a man with thinking like Raja will support him. And u, if u has such thinking u will never reach anywhere in life and will live and die alone.

    Whereas independent women’s like Shweta and Sambhavana are quite capable of looking after herself and her kids without any help from those male chauvinist pigs.

    Shweta Go girl! Each and every woman on this earth is with u. we don’t need mens like Raja in our life.

  5. This seems like a case made against him. We all have seen how he can react to certain situations. Seems like he really pissed off the media that day.

    Sambhavana is just cashing on the publicity coming her way , otherwise the clip doesnt show him saying anything bad against her.

    ‘Get 2 feet away’ is a slap at the media. You need to be there in front of all those people with their mics pushing and fighting each other to be in the front. They are terrorists with a different tool in hand. Media should surely learn some manners.

    Raja’s comments on this ‘If they are right – they should show the whole clipping of me entering the party and everything that i did there’

    But Raja dear – why would they ? they dont like u – they want to make news out of everything – so they will only show the few clips again and again where you are pissed off at them …. so dear you need to learn to be smart at times …..

  6. I do not know much about shweta, But Shambhana is the biggest tamasha around. A useless looser who is good for nothing.

  7. Well i would not say it was unprofessional of what Raja did… It was shown like 10 times within 3 mins of the video… Now i would even get bored trying to make a controversy…Very stupid way of presenting a news, what eva company u r…

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