Dolly Bindra back in house as wild card entry

November 25th, 2010

She’s proved it, love her or hate her but can’t ignore her! She was trouble while was in the house and now house is in trouble without her. TRP’s of the Bigg Boss have gone drastically down. So once again channel is forced to bring Dolly bomb back in the house. Hope this time we will see funny side of her that we loved and crave for. Dolly don’t have to be nasty to get attention, she can do that with her humour and cooking.

The channel is conducting a poll that will decide who should be brought back to the show. Rahul Bhatt, Aanchal Kumar and Dolly Bindra are the names to vote for. Channel is pretty sure Dolly will win maximum votes and that she will return once again as the wild card entry on the show on Saturday.

We all will agree that Bigg Boss is so bore these days, even goanwalla and Saharwalla task is not tickling our funny bone. Seema Parihar is getting annoying, she don’t get the jokes and takes on her chambal avatar. Poor Samir was her bakra last night when he just for fun said: Maa ka doodh peeya hai to yeh laxman rekha paar kar ke dikhao? That’s it and Seema started bombarding him with her Chambal ka attitude. Samir had to back off!

Vote for Dolly Bindra, let’s have pure fun in the last few weeks of the show. What say…? But then save Shweta from this week’s elimination…:)

We don’t need firangi’s for TRP’s or fun. Pamela or Sylvester can’t do what Dolly can. It was boring to watch Pamela. In-fact her stay was taken over by our desi fight of Samir, Shweta and Dolly.

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