Dimpy Mahajan in bikini again

August 11th, 2010

Dimpy Mahajan’s swimwear pics show up on a porn site.

People who are looking for Dimpy’s porny pics, please don’t get excited, you will not get anything more than her bikini pics which are not new for net surfer.

Is she a porn star also, what a multitalented girl? Now we know why Rahul Mahajan chose her to be his wife.

Her bikini and semi nude photos are already on net, it would be interesting if her porn video too surface on net. It would make a good publicity for Dimpy before entering Bigg Boss 4.

Photos of her wife on porn site is not a news or big deal for Rahul, he would have certainly done his homework before marrying Dimpy.

What say Rahul Mahajan? Ram milaye Jodi, ek Andha to Ek Kodi!

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