Samir Soni back in the Bigg Boss house

November 20th, 2010

Sameer Soni, upset for two days for being expelled from the Bigg Boss House with Dolly Bindra, will make a re-entry into the Colors show again, tonight. Back in the game…! The episode where he enters the house will be aired on Monday.

Says Samir :

“I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m feeling really unwell right now because I sat under the scorching sun with my luggage to protest the Bigg Boss decision. I got thrown out of the house with Dolly and was held equally responsible for the fight which I didn’t instigate.”

The actor wanted to take time off before taking on any new assignments, but the offer to re-enter the show came by. And he didn’t need much convincing for that. “Throughout the show, I’ve maintained my dignity. I’ve been shown footage of what happened after I left. So, I’m better prepared to handle it now, though I know it will become taxing to live inside again,” Soni says.

Given that Shweta and Soni had become friends, will he maintain his relationship with her? “Inside the House?
Yes, because that’s a contestant’s universe for the duration of the game. But I can’t be politically correct and claim that I will be in touch with every single person in that house,” says Soni, clueless about how he’ll behave if he ever bumps into Bindra in a public place. “Initially, I was actually thankful to the makers of the show because I was so happy inside. Until one day when Bindra entered and shattered every bit of peace in our lives.”

I am so happy for Samir! He should win the show and let Khali continue cleaning the bathrooms, he deserves that!

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