Deleted Video of Armaan and Tanisha fight in Bigg Boss 7

December 17th, 2013

Bigg Boss is playing all the dirty tricks to portray Armaan in good light. Bigg Boss team are so desperate that they have deleted the sneak peek video of Day 93 from the Bigg Boss website, where Armaan was bashing Tanisha, and she started to give it back to Armaan.

Armaan has done enough damage to them and now in bid to save to their and Armaan’s ass. They have deleted the video in which he was “Again” behaving very badly with Tanisha. But surprise surprise – this time Tanisha gave him some taste of his own medicine. Which didn’t go down well with Armaan and his huge ego was hurt. After all Tanisha who was taking shit from him, started to give him back.

They have deleted the link from “Sneak Peek” section, but you can see the link in latest videos section on Bigg Boss website. Don’t be happy. The link is not going anywhere, it returns back to main website. 

Deleted Video – Sneak peek of Day 93 in Youtube.

Bigg Boss has to delete this video link from their website, as all this happened right before he was taken away by the police. We all know how much he respect women’s, so just to save his side and not put him in more trouble, the team BB deleted all the negative footage of him.

He also faced the blunt of Women Organisation on his way back to BB house from police station.

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