Deepika and Siddhartha Mallya in Love

August 9th, 2010

Salman Khan’s sister Arpita’s birthday bash, last week revealed two top most secrets linked to Bollywood and Sports world.

One was Mohd Azharuddin’s wife Sangeeta Bijlani who is also the ex love of Salman, was seen as a host of the party. She stood beside Sallu for the entire night. She was either beside Salman or one of his family members. Sangeeta was present at the party till 4 am.

So is Salman just a friend in need or more than that, well that’s something for Katrina should be worried about. Only if she is not dating Ranbir Kapoor chori-chori in London or somewhere else, but certainly far away of Salman’s eye.

Sangeeta has filed for the divorce following the love story of Jwala – Azhar saga. Badminton player Jwala Gutta 26 year old has also filed for divorce from her husband Chetan  Anand, a highest ranked player from India in the world of badminton. He has also won the Indian Arjuna Award.

Another secret, well not so secret but still atleast its official now! Deepika Padukone and Siddharthaa Mallya son of Vijay Mallya are couple, they are very much in love – dating each other. So much in love that once upon a time overweight Siddhartha has lost oodles of weight just to match her lady love. So that they don’t end up looking like a Laurel and Hardy!

Deepika and Siddhartha entered the party venue together and left arm-in-arm. They didn’t leave each others’ company even for a minute.

It all began in April, during IPL matches when heartbroken (Ranbir Kapoor to be blamed) Deepika was spotted in Sidhartha’s VIP box when his team was playing. She was like an additional brand ambassador despite the presence of Katrina Kaif. But professional arrangements apart, there was a personal attraction brewing too. Only Deepika appeared to be taking her time to commit. The 24-year-old actress, still smarting from her break up with Ranbir Kapoor, wasn’t keen to jump into another relationship.

But despite efforts by common friends to patch them up, Deepika and Ranbir never got together again. It is said, “Deepika flew to London after her Mauritius schedule for the F1 races and that is the time when Siddhartha joined her there. And after that, these two have been a couple.”

Recently, Deepika has made a couple of appearances with him giving out clear signals that she’s now in a good place emotionally. Her close friends are happy for her. As one of them put in, “For the first time in a year, Deepika’s smile has reached her eyes.”

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