David after dentist – YouTube hit!

April 16th, 2010

A video on YouTube has earned a family £65,000. The clip, which shows David DeVore a 7 year old boy unsteady from anaesthetic after a trip to the dentist, quickly sparked licensing deals, merchandise and a YouTube advertising partnership. The 2008 clip shows then seven-year-old David sitting in the back of the family car, disoriented and confused, talking funny.

Now the boy’s father has revealed the hit video which was posted on Youtube on January 31, 2009 has been seen more than 56million times and has earned them more than £65,000. The family has donated nearly £4,000 to children’s dental charity Operation Smile. Check the website making pounds for David and family.

‘It’s been life-changing,’ said David DeVore’s father. ‘About four months into it, we realised there were going to be some opportunities to monetise the situation.’

The DeVores’ T-shirts and stickers have been sent to more than 20 countries – and David Jnr even featured in a Super Bowl advert alongside superstar singer Beyonce.

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